Ten shuttle circular loom for jumbo bag

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Ten shuttle circular loom for jumbo bag is specially designed for the high quality wide tubular or flat fabric by PP and HDPE .such as jumbo bag ,ton bag ,bulk bag ,weed mat ,geotextile ,tarpaulin and so on .

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The ten shuttle circular loom is an ideal choice for weaving waterproof and sunscreen oilcloth. When there are situations such as warp breakage, weft breakage, and weft shortage, the circular loom can automatically stop working. It also has an automatic meter reading function. The eight shuttle circular loom adopts a variable frequency stepless speed control system design, with simple and convenient speed control.


Type CSJ-2300-10S                                                       
Number of shuttles 10
Main power 5.5KW
Revolutions 64r/min
Double flat 1700mm-2200mm 
Track width 125mm
Weft density 8-16pcs/inch 
Production speed 68m/h-120m/h
Number of warp yarns 2880
Warp diameter Max 140mm
Weft diameter Max 100mm
Winding width Max 2300mm 
Winding diameter Max 1200mm
Machine size (L)1540X(W)2680X(H)4720mm 
Machine weight 7000kg


Equipment features:

1. This machine is controlled by five frequency converters, including variable frequency warp feeding, variable frequency winding, and variable frequency fabric lifting (controlled by dual encoders, with no loose weft when stopped and started), making the woven fabric surface of the equipment smoother.

2. This machine can double split and roll, with a warp count of up to 2880 pieces, and can weave high-density, high fiber container bags and geotextiles.

3. The generator type weft yarn detector is sensitive and reliable, not affected by dust and light, safe and reliable, achieving automatic stop of broken weft and finished weft, and low defect rate.

4. The equipment has a reasonable and simple structure, high operational reliability, few vulnerable parts, convenient maintenance, and low maintenance costs.

5. Adopting variable frequency speed regulation, the machine starts smoothly and operates reliably. This machine adopts a flat cam, oil-free lubrication, and low noise.

6. Adopting variable frequency speed regulation, the machine starts smoothly and operates reliably.

7. The fabric adopts steel roller embossing and rubber extrusion extraction, and is controlled by PLC programming with an independent lifting device.

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