Plastic Circular Loom For Jumbo Bag

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Plastic Circular Loom For Jumbo Bag weave endless tubular heavy duty woven fabric for FIBC big bags with PP or HDPE tapes.

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We offer various models of Circular Weaving Looms that can cover all common sizes of jumbo bags. it is specially designed to make high quality tube fabric from plastic tapes,and the finished the tube fabric can be widely used to make chemical bag, cement bag, rice bags, flour bag, feed bag and so on.


Each machine consists of the following:

1、Main body of the circular loom(including machine frame、lifting cloth device and electrical cabinet )
2、Warps frame:two sets(spare parts,to be assembled on site)
3、Winder torque motor:one set
4、Let- off motion device:two sets(spare parts,to be assembled on site)


Type CSJ-2000-8S                                                       
Number of shuttles 8
Revolutions 80r/min
Double flat 1450mm-1900mm 
Track width 125mm
Weft density 8-16pcs/inch 
Production speed 60m/h-120m/h
Number of warp yarns 2448
Warp diameter Max 140mm
Weft diameter Max 100mm
Winding width Max 2000mm 
Winding diameter Max 1500mm
Machine size (L)1480X(W)2680X(H)4530mm 
Machine weight 4800kg


Machine features
1.This machine adopts five frequency converters to controlling , can double split winding with the number of warp up to 2448,Its suitable for making of high-density woven bags, high fiber jumbo bags and geotextiles.
2.With generator type weft detector, its sensitive and reliable, and free from dust and lighting effects, safe and reliable, it can track warp broken, weft broken and automatically stop the machine, with lower inferior quality products.
3.It uses self-contained lubrication cycle to improve the mechanical efficiency of operations, with the oil clogging alarm device to avoid abnormal wear parts.
4.Its reasonable structure and high reliability can ensure less wearing parts and easy maintenance with low maintenance costs.
5.Its frequency control can provide smooth start and reliable operation.
6.Lifting cloth with steel roller embossing rubber extrusion and PLC programming control, as well as independent lifting device.


Service(Machine installation、debugging and training)
1.Costs will be borne by buyer if installation and debugging is needed.
2.One-wearing parts have a one year warrantee. Warranty services of repair, replacement and refund for quality problems caused by improper use under guarantee are provided.
3.We provide Lifelong technical service.

Documents provided with machine
1. Instruction book one copy
2. Frequency inverter manual one copy
3. Electrical diagrams one copy
4. PLC manual one copy


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