Weaving Loom Machine for Plastic Woven Bag

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Our company has recently developed the flat cam high speed six shuttle circular loom , it is specially designed to make high quality tube fabric from plastic tapes,and the finished the tube fabric can be widely used to make chemical bag, cement bag, rice bags, flour bag, feed bag and so on.

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Weaving Loom Machine for Plastic Woven Bag is mainly used for producing PP woven bags for cement, rice, fertilizer, chemical mateials, animal feed and sugar etc.

It uses material of polypropylene (pp) & high density polyethylene(HDPE) for producing PP woven bag.It was designed and researched on the base of original circular loom, it is the substitute product of present common circular loom .

It improves whole shuttle,raceway and cam .The best advantage is high production effciency and smooth weaving flatness .Our factory supplys the machine for testing.Because of reasonable desigh, high quality material, it’s spare parts consumption is lower than normal circular loom,also the life of the runway can reach 10 years.



Revolution of the motor: 110r/min
Power of main motor: 5.5kw
Number of shuttles: six
Track width: 125mm
Production width: 800mm-1260mm
Density of wefts: 8-16piece/hour
Production speed: 68m/h-135m/h
Number of warps: 1536pieces
Max. Diameter of warp: 140mm
Max. Diameter of weft: 100mm
Let- off motion device: automatic
Warp broken control: Broken by the automatic stop
Weft broken control: generator type warp/weft stops
Tube size: as required
Winder device: two sets
Winder width: 1300mm
Max. Diameter of winder: 1200mm
Equipment dimension: (L)14.34mX(W)2.9mX(H)3.8m
Equipment weight: about 6000kg

Main Features

1. Plane can and connecting rod rolling wheel transmission, which is the most advanced technology are adopted, making it easy and stable to run.
2. Rolling transimmision is adopted in entire structure instead of slide block and slide rod, which doesn’t need lubricant and decreases the wearing part.
3. It is an environmental product whose noise is not more tan 82dB(A)
4. Low strength plastic yarn which is made from 100% regenerated plastic can be adpoted to weave.
5. It is high efficient and energy economical. The highest rotation speed of the main motor can reach 180r/min and the power is 1.5/2.2kw. Which can save 10 thousand degreed of electricity one year
6. As required, equipped with electronic intelligent fabric-lifting unit which is featured with the compensation setting to the warp/weft density casually.
7. It is the latest type circular loom.

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