Circular loom for FIBC bag

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 Circular loom for FIBC bag uses material of polypropylene (pp) & high density polyethylene(HDPE) for producing big bag.It was designed and researched on the base of original circular loom, it is the substitute product of present common circular loom .

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Circular loom for FIBC bag  is a large-scale plastic weaving machine, mainly used for weaving polyethylene, polypropylene, synthetic flat silk and other large-sized cylinder fabrics, is the best weaving machine for packing bags, geotextiles, Tarpaulin and other fabrics. The machine is advanced in technology, reasonable in structure, stable in operation, high in efficiency, convenient in operation and maintenance, equipped with advanced automatic warning and stopping device for weft breaking and weft finishing.



 Rolling transmission is adopted in entire structrue instead of slide block and slide rod, which does not need

  lubricant and decreases the wearing part.
– It’s an environmental product whose noise is not more than 82dB(A).
– Low strength plastic yarn which is made from 100% regenerated plastic can be adopted to weave.
– It is high-efficient and energy economical. The highest rotation speed of the main motor can reach 180r/min and the power is 1.5/2.2kw, which can save 10 thousand degree of electricity one year.
– It is the latest type circular loom



Type HLDC-2300-10S
Numberof shauttles 10
Revoluions 64r/min
Weft insertion  
Double flat 1700mm-2200mm 
Track width 130mm
Weft density 8-16pcs/inch 
Production speed 68m/h-120m/h
Number of warp yarns 2880
Winding width 2300mm
Winding diameter 1200mm 
Machine size (L)15.48mX(W)3.71mX(H)4.95m 
Machine weight 7000kg

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