Circular Loom for Big Bag Base Cloth

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Circular Loom for Big Bag Base Cloth adopts advanced mechanical structure, cam structure, advanced flat three-dimensional curve, brown structure of swing bar, no need for lubrication, unique shuttle, shuttle design, fast and stable operation.

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This type circular loom is latest plane cam structure, weaving the cylinder or flat cloth with PP
and HDPE flat yarns.
• Latest plane cam structure -adopt idler wheel from shuttle, non-lubrication
• The brown belt made of high-strength and high-toughness material, with brown silk, runs smoothly and has low noise.
• Complete weft and weft automatic detection system
• Man-machine interface centralized control, easy to operate
• Automatic Tension control by using load cell
• Shuttle material: Aluminum
• Machine with button to press and operate

Each machine consists of the following

1、Main body of the circular loom(including machine frame、lifting cloth device and electrical cabinet )
2、Warps frame:two sets(spare parts,to be assembled on site)
3、Winder torque motor:one set
4、Let- off motion device:two sets(spare parts,to be assembled on site)



Revolution of the motor: 86r/min
Power of main motor: 5.5kw
Number of shuttles: eight
Track width: 125mm
Production width: 1000mm-1450mm
Density of wefts: 8-16piece/hour
Production speed: 68m/h-135m/h
Number of warps: 1780pieces
Max. Diameter of warp: 140mm
Max. Diameter of weft: 100mm
Let- off motion device: automatic
Warp broken control: Broken by the automatic stop
Weft broken control: generator type warp/weft stops
Tube size: as required
Winder device: two sets
Winder width: 1500mm
Max. Diameter of winder: 1200mm
Equipment dimension: (L)15.04mX(W)3.16mX(H)4.0m
Equipment weight: about 6T


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