Suspended FIBC liner making machine

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Our Suspended PE Liner Making Machine is made to form the liner with sealing and cutting operations, suitable for one or two loops Big Bag’s filing spout and body.

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Suspended FIBC liner making machine is suitable for making FIBC inner liner bag shaping machine.Open mouth liner ,bottle neck liner and U shape liner making available.


Have the lift Roll of film by Compressed air function;roll diameter 600mm(Max)

Have the top and bottom sealing functional sealing width 8mm

Have the bottleneck of the mouth heat sealing function; (size from the buyer to provide) sealing width 8mm

Have the 4 side edge sealing function sealing width 8mm


PE Bag (M Snap)

Width (mm)

1300 (Max)
Inner Bag Length 200-6000 mm
Cutting Precision(mm) ±5mm
Production Ability (Pc/H) 80-100
Temperature Control 100-350 ºC
Power Rate 10Kw
Voltage 380V
Air Compressed Supply 6Kg/c
Machine Size (L*W*H)mm 11000*2100*1650
Accessories of Suspended liner welding cutting machine:
  Bent Corner ( Bottle Neck) Mould

( Size Supplied By Buyer )

4 Pairs
  Straight Welding Mould 1 pair (2.2 M)

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