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Suspended liner sealing machine serve all liner shaping machines such as Top Spout / Bottom Spout, Bottom Sealing, Flanges, Baffle Liner and Suspended Liner.

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Suspended PE liner Production line

Our Suspended Liner sealing Machine is designed to form the liner with sealing and cutting operations, suitable r one or two loops Big Bag’s filing spout and body.To protect materials inside the Big Bag from any environmental reasons and for stopping material to dust outside of Big Bag, a liner should be placed inside.


Top & Bottom Spout Sealing (Waste Cutting Manually)
Side Sealing Unit
Bottom Sealing Unit
Roll Lift up Unit
Length Cutting Unit
Cooling System
Sealing Type Side Sealing ( Flanges) Spout ( Top and Bottom) Bottom Sealing :- Temperature Controlled Sealing Die

PE Bag (M Snap)

Width (mm)

1300 (Max)
Inner Bag Length 200-6000 mm
Cutting Precision(mm) ±5mm
Production Ability (Pc/H) 80-100
Temperature Control 100-350 ºC
Power Rate 10Kw
Voltage 380V
Air Compressed Supply 6Kg/c
Machine Size (L*W*H)mm 11000*2100*1650

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