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U Shape PE Liner Sealing Machine are specifically designed To  U shape sealing, U waste film hot cutting and  hot bottom sealing.

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U Shape PE Liner Sealing Machine



U Shape PE Liner Sealing Machine

Liner Length 1,000-4,000mm
Heat Sealing Width 8mm
Feeding Accuracy ±2mm/mtr
Output (standard) 60-180pc/hr
Max. Material Roll Dia. φ1,000mm
Automatic Deviation Rectifying ±150mm
U Shape Size Customized, 8mm Heating Width
Straight Heating Knife 2,200mm Length, 8mm Heating Width
Finished Liner Cut to Length Automatic Cold Moving Blade
Edge Trimming Automatic Hot Knife Trimming
Hole Punching Automatic
Finished Liner Collecting Automatic 
Heating Power 9kW
Motor Power 5.5kW
Weight 3,000kg
Power Supply  380V, 3 phase with L3, N, E-50Hz 
Air Supply 0.6-0.8Mpa
Air Consumption 500L/min
Max. Film Width(gusseted) 1,750mm



Automatic deviation correction

Automatic U shape sealing

Automatic U waste film hot cutting

Automatic air leaking hole cold punching

Automatic hot bottom sealing

Automatic finished bag collecting


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