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This ton bag making machine perfectly combines cutting and printing, improving work efficiency and saving production costs.

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The FIBC cutting printing machine is suitable for printing picture, character and advertisement directly on the surface of ton bags, woven fabrics, fibc laminated fibc bag. It is widely used for printing packing bag of chemicals, chemical fertilizer, grain, feedstuff, cement, etc.


Feature of container bag making machine 

  1. Hot cutting function: server fixed length, hot knife cutting.
  2. Fabric collection function: Stack the cut fabric neatly (with length restrictions).
  3. Opening function: server fixed length, pneumatic opening.
  4. Cutting function: server fixed length, hot knife V-shaped cutting.
  5. Deviation correction function: automatic edge tracking and alignment.
  6. Printing fabric sheet


  1. Suitable for printing and processing various woven bags, paper plastic composite bags, paper bags, ton bags, and other bags;
  2. Equipped with a demagnetization motor, suitable for different printing speeds, from 1000 to 2000 pieces per hour, infinitely variable speed;
  3. The printing roller automatically tracks and separates, and the ink transfer roller can clutch with the printing plate;
  4. Easy to operate, soft to start, accurate color matching, pneumatic separation, low noise, and energy-saving;
  5. The mesh roller has a high mesh count, clear ink transfer, uniform ink color, saves ink, and enhances printing smoothness;
  6. The rubber roller adopts Ding Qing rubber roller, which is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and anti-aging;
  7. Easy disassembly and cleaning of ink cartridges;
  8. Extended rear conveying and drying function.Wear an automatic inking device.
    Model CSJP-2200
    Max.Cutting Width 2200mm
    Min Cutting Length 500mm
    Cloth Roll Diameter 1200mm
    Cloth Roll weight  600kg
    Cutting Precision ±5mm
    Air Pressure 0.6mp
    Power  30kw
    Voltage supply 380V 3phase 50HZ
    Max collecting length 3200mm
    Total weight 3800kg
    Machine size 22000x2800x1700mm

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