FIBC Starbase Big Bag Fabic Cutting Machine For Two /One loop

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FIBC Starbase Big Bag Fabic Cutting Machine For Two /One Loop is a special cutting unit design for cutting star bottom gusseted tubular fabric with a V shape cutter,crosscut,U shape balde, I shape balde and so on .

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FIBC Starbase Big Bag Fabic Cutting Machine is used for one or two loop bulk bag , it is easy to operate , can save labor and improve work efficiency.

Two or one loop big bags are a cost effective bulk-handling solution for transporting, storing and protecting different types of bulk products.

Two loop cutting machine  function:

1. Hot cutting function: server fixed length, hot knife cutting.

2. Fabric collection function: Stack the cut fabric neatly (with length restrictions).

3. Opening function: server fixed length, pneumatic opening.

4. V-cutting function: server fixed length, hot knife V-shaped cutting.

5.Deviation correction function: automatic edge tracking and alignment.

We can cut this fabric sheet with hot cutting and cold cutting  , No adhesion or detachment .If you need we can provide all kinds of shapes blades molds. 

FIBC Two loop starbase cutting machine is applied to the different jumbo bag fabric cutting like: 

1 Gusseted Fabric
2 Star Bottom With U Type Cutting
3 Slit Cutting
4 U Type Cutting
5 Star Bottom with Slit Cutting


The 1- and 2-loop big bags are suitable for a big range of bulk products: fertilisers, animal feed, seeds, cement, minerals, chemicals, foodstuff etc.

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