FIBC Fabric Cutting Machine with Big Circle

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FIBC ton bag making machine with big circle adopts PIC control, touch screen operation, human-machine interface, and high intelligence. The largest circle can reach 1300mm. 

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FIBC Fabric Cutting Machine with Big Circle  integrates standard functions such as automatic winding, rectification, gauge length, round knife cutting, cross cutting, rounding, straight knife cutting and feeding, CUT Big Circle up to 1100-1300mm !


With cold knife cutting fabric, hot knife cutting fabric
With automatic correction function, the correction distance is 300mm
With automatic fabric loading function (pneumatic)
With auto marking device 
With ultrasonic welding 
With big circle 1100-1300mm 
 It has the functions of opening holes, drawing circular and guiding fabric


Item Name Technical parameter
1 Base fabric (mm) 2200 (Max)
2 Base fabric roll diameter (mm) 1200(Max)
3 Base fabric weight  (kg) 600 (Max)
4 Cross die or small circle size(mm) 250-550
5 Production speed  (pc/min) 15-20
6 Cutting accuracy (mm) ±2mm
7 Overall power (installed) 15 Kw
8 Voltage 380 v
9 Compressed air 6Kg/㎡
11 Net Weight 2600kg

 Electrical assembly table

Item Name Qty Brand
1 Programmable Controllers 1 Mitsubishi
2 Touch screen 1 Xinjie
3 Servo controller and servo motor 1 Xinjie
4 Frequency converter 2 Ourui
5 AC contactor 3 Delixi
6 Relay 2 zhengtai
7 Thermostat 3 taiyuan
8 Switching power supply 1 Delixi
9 Breaker 3 Delixi
10 Botton 10 Delixi



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