Jumbo Bag FIBC Cutting Machine

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Jumbo Bag FIBC Cutting Machine CSJ-2400 is for big bag flat  or tublar fabric hot and cold cutting with ultrasonic hemming , max width can  be reach to 2400mm. 

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Jumbo bag FIBC cutting machine standard functions such as automatic winding, rectification, gauge length, round knife cutting, cross cutting, rounding, straight knife cutting and feeding.


Automatic cloth roll up, deviation correction, length calculation, round knife incision, cross cut, circle cutting, straight knife cutting, cloth feeding and other functions are integrated (optional).

PLC control system, color man-machine interface, set data, display, record at a glance, correct, convenient operation.


1. Automatic feeding;

2. Accurate millimeter photoelectric correction;

3. Cross cutting (the common tool size is 200 mm to 650 mm);

4. Cut small round mouth (the common specification of aluminum round knife is 300 mm to 550 mm);

6. Cut the cross and mark the circle at the same time;

7. 16 lacing functions;

8. Ultrasonic double folding function;

9. Prevent cross cut small circle left and right position deviation device, floating device, length adjustment device (multiple deviation correction);

10. Girdle point device;

11. Slitting (cold and hot slitting) function, (wide cloth becomes narrow cloth, remove surplus leftover material, you only need to prepare parts with common specifications)

12. The effective width of cutting hot cutting is 2.4m (the most commonly used machine), and the minimum width is 300 mm;

13. Cutting method (cold cutting), mainly for coated cloth, high efficiency, non adhesion, environmental protection;

14. Automatically take in 2 meters or less, put a tray under it, three or four hundred pieces in a stack, cut 1.3 -1.5M meters in length, 15 to 20 pieces per minute.


Suitable for converting tubular fabrics and flat fabrics Depends on customer’s request, optional O and X punch device available for selection.





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