Bulk Bag ton bag fabric cutting machine

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Automatic jumbo fabric roll feeding, edge process control (EPC), Length counting, punching unit for “O”Hole, punching unit for “X”hole, Circle describing linear-knife cutting, jumbo fabric feeding

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Automatic Jumbo Bag  Fabric Cutting Machine is widely used in cutting jumbo bag , It integrates standard functions such as automatic winding, rectification, gauge length, round knife cutting,   , rounding, straight knife cutting , feeding and ultrasonic flanging . 3 1


Item/Model FIBC-2200-ZB
Cutting width  Max.2200mm
Cutting Length Up to buyer’s demand
Cutting Precision ±2-3mm
Production Speed 15-20Pc/min(length 1000mm)
temperature control 100°-400°
Complete machine power (install equipment) 10KW
Voltage 380V
compressed air 6Kg/cm3
Overall Dimension(L×W×H) 9600*2500*1800mm


Imported servo control cloth length, high precision and fast speed.

Automatic winding, rectification,Stable, reliable, simple and practical.

Automatic winding, rectification, feeding and ultrasonic flanging .折边Standard CSJ-2200 automatic fabric cutting machine

1. Automatic jumbo fabric roll feeding

2. Accurate millimeter photoelectric rectification;

3.punching unit for “O”Hole (the commonly used size of cutter is 300 mm to 500 mm, choose one at a time);

4. punching unit for “+”Hole (the common specification of aluminum round knife is 300 mm to 550 mm, choose one at a time);

5 Cut the cross and draw a circle mark at the same time;

6. Device for preventing the left and right position deviation of crosscut and small circle, floating device and length adjusting device (multiple deviation correction);

7. Dotting device

8. The effective width of the hot cutting machine is 2.2m (the most commonly used machine)

9. Cutting method (cold cutting), mainly for coated fabric , high efficiency, non adhesion, environmental protection;

10. Automatic fabric collection function, a tray is placed below, three or four hundred pieces in a pile at a time, and forklift is used directly to save labor cost

Applied to the different jumbo bag fabric cutting like, Jumbo bag lay-flat/double flat fabric, Jumbo bag single-layer fabric, Jumbo Bag bottom cover, top cover, top mouth fabric.
With this well designed, compact machine, you can put polypropylene fabric pieces and a desired size of spout hole. Length and hole cutting devices may also be operated separatelyBefore starting the process, an operator should install the right size of hole cutting unit. The exact position of the hole should be adjusted. The centering of the holing unit is done by edge control unit. After setting the desired cut length, the operation runs automatically till it reaches the programmed quantity.

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