LoopCUT webbing FIBC/big bag cutting machine FIBC-4/6

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This machine is not only beautiful in appearance, convenient in operation and maintenance, but also fast in speed, low in energy consumption and high in automation. The effect of cost saving is remarkable。

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Automatic pp bag straps cutting machine FIBC big bag sling cutting machine


FIBC--6/8 Webbing Cutting Machine is the upgraded version of FIBC--4/6 Webbing Cutting Machine.
The frame is widened, the rubber roller and the flower roller are lengthened, and some parts are changed.


1.It can meet the requirements of sling width of 70mm-10 mm, 6-10 strips can be cut at the same time at one time, and the width and narrow degree can be adjusted by adjusting rod according to the bandwidth.
2.Servo fixed length control is adopted, parameter setting is directly input by human-machine interface;
3.Industrial computer (PLC) is used to control operation, pressure roller is controlled by solenoid valve and cylinder, with adjustable pressure,simple operation, less waste of the head, accurate marking and cutting, and high production efficiency.



No Item Technical parameter
1 Cutting width (mm) 100mm(Max)
2 Cutting length (mm) 0-40000
3 Cutting precision(mm) ±2mm
4 Production ability(Pc/min) 20-40 (length1000mm)
5 Dot distance(mm) 160mm(Mine)
6 Motor power 750w
7 Cutter power 1200 w
8 voltage/frequency 220V/50HZ
9 Compressed air 6Kg/cm3
10 Temperature control 400(Max)


It is suitable for belt , ribbon,bandage, seal belt , parachute rope , pp band, bag belt cutting to length.



1. Training of equipment maintenance and operating personally.
2.Installation and commissioning of equipment until everything is functional.
3. One year warranty and Providing long-term maintenance service and spare parts.
4. Giving technical support to customer for developing new product.
5. Engineers available to service machinery overseas.
6. Provide English Version of Installation/Operation/Service/Maintenance Manual.

It is usually selected separat package , complete package , and then we will put it in wooden box package.Such packing in wooden cases ensures the safety of transportation.

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