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The machine specifically refers to an internal cleaning machine, more specifically refers to a container bag internal cleaning machine. In the process of cutting and sewing container bags, the base cloth will generate static electricity.

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FIBC Container bag, also known as flexible container bag, ton bag, space bag, etc., is a kind of container unit equipment. With crane or forklift, it can realize containerized transportation. It is suitable for transporting bulk bulk bulk powder and granular materials. Containerized bag is a kind of flexible transport packaging container, which is widely used in the transportation and packaging of powder, particle and block goods such as food, grain, medicine, chemical industry, mineral products, etc. The container bag is made of polypropylene as the main raw material, adding a small amount of stable seasoning, evenly mixing, melting and extruding the plastic film through the extruder, cutting into silk, and then stretching, making high strength and low elongation PP raw silk by heat setting, and then making the base cloth of plastic woven cloth by spinning and coating, and sewing it with sling and other accessories to make ton bag.

Automatic Jumbo Bags Cleaning Machin Air Washer FIBC Cleaner  ESP-B

Generally, calcium carbonate is added to the cloth for special line of container bag. Because the base cloth is very thick, the content of calcium carbonate per unit area is high. If the quality of calcium carbonate added is poor, there will be too much dust, which will affect the coating stripping force. At the same time, there will be thread ends, lines and other debris in the container bag. In some technical fields that need to be strictly cleaned inside the container bag, it is necessary to clean the dust and lines inside the container bag.


Fibc cleaner

power supply 380V-3phase-50HZ
Protected method Ground
Connected 4KW
Fan flow 7000m³-9000m³
Fan speed 1450turn
Static elimination pressure about8000V
Main pressure about7bar
Working Pressure about5/6bar
Noise at Work 60PB
operating hours Clean time varies depending on the bag volume adjustment
net weight about300kg
volume 2×1.2M
Color Blue, yellow

 The utility model comprises a base, a main box body arranged on one end of the base, an air blowing device arranged at the other end of the base, a positioning mechanism for fixing the container bag on the base, and an electrostatic elimination device for eliminating static electricity in the bag body.

Automatic Jumbo Bags Cleaning Machin Air Washer FIBC Cleaner  ESP-B1
Automatic Jumbo Bags Cleaning Machin Air Washer FIBC Cleaner  ESP-B2
Automatic Jumbo Bags Cleaning Machin Air Washer FIBC Cleaner  ESP-B3


During the cutting and sewing operations required to manufacture the FIBC's, the fabric gets electrostatically charged. These charges of the fabric regularly cause the adhesion of smallest rests of yarn and fabric and the adhesion of residues of the thermal cutting edges. Also insects, human hair and even personel objects of the workers are often found in new manufactured FIBC's.

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