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This machine is one of the auxiliary equipment for cutting FIBC jumbo bags, which is mainly used to cut cross and circle. We support custom-made machines, which can be customized according to your size.

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Qsky-20 jumbo bag semi-automatic opening machine is mainly used for cutting cross and round openings of container bag bottom cover. It has the characteristics of high speed, high precision, simple and convenient operation.



No. Name Technical parameter
1 Fabric Size 1350*1350mm
2 Mouth Diameter Max 550mm
3 Cutting Precision 2mm
4 Production Capacity 20pcs at one time
5 Whole Power 3kw
6 Voltage 220V
7 temperature control 400℃



We can customize the mould for you about round and cross for every size if you need , it is very simple to intall , and very easy to operate for the wokers.





1) Repair and maintenance work shall be carried out by specially trained technicians;

2) When the machine is running, please do not touch the rotating and moving parts (especially the cutter parts);

3) If the control device is damaged or cannot operate normally, please ask experienced technicians to adjust, or check and repair. Please do not operate the machine before the fault is eliminated.

4) All bearings of the machine should be lubricated regularly after leaving the factory.

5) The knife edge under the opening mold knife is cleaned every day.

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Manual FIBC Fabric Cutting Machine for Cross Manual FIBC Fabric Cutting Machine for Cross

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