Plastic Bag In Box (Filling Liquid) Bag Making Machines

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Bag In Box Making Machineis widely used to produce bag in box for wine, fruit juice, spring water and others to ensure the good safety and make transportation convenient. Bag in box made in our machine has advantages in tightness and flexibility to protect goods well.

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Plastic Bag In Box (Filling Liquid) Bag Making Machine

1.Unwinding devices
2.Discharging tension
3.Deviation correction devices
4.Opposite-side pieces in upper and lower
5.longitudinal-sealing devices
6.traverse-sealing devices
7.Film traction device
8.Main transmission devices
9.Automatic positioning devices
10.Temperature control devices
12.Multiple material feeding device
13.Punching device


1. All of parameter display by touch screen .

2. It has EPC and double photocell traking from unwinding.

3. Super length size ,which has 6 times skip feeding design.

4. Automatic waste film rewinding unit.


4-side sealing bag in box making
Uncoiler number
2pc or 4pc or 6pcs
Width=600mm ;Length =640mm*N
N=1,2,3,4,5,6(Multiple times feeding)
Max Material Roll Dimension
(diameter * width)
Positioning accuracy
Numbers of Hot & Cooling Knives
Temperature Control line
20 lines ; 3 sets of independent temperature control modules
room temperature ∽ 400℃
Total Power
18800*2300*2200mm (L XW XH)


Used for red wine,tea drink,coffee or other liquid packaging.

We are supplying all kinds if bag making machines , it is normally customized by our clients from the world .

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