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The advantage of ultrasonic cutting is that it has a fusion effect on the cutting site at the same time.The cutting part is perfectly hemmed to prevent loose organization of the cutting material (such as the flying edge of textile material).

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Ultrasonic cutting way
Knife type: the ultrasonic is loaded into the cutting tool, the ultrasonic vibration with the cutting knife and to make cutting

4The principle of ultrasonic cutting
The principle of ultrasonic cutting totally different from the traditional sense of the cutting
Ultrasonic cutting use the energy of the ultrasonic transducer, it will be cut material of local heating melt, so as to achieve the aim of cutting materials. The ultrasonic cutting does not require sharp blade, also do not need a lot of pressure, it can not cause collapse edge and material damage. At the same time, due to the ultrasonic vibration cutting knife doing, small friction resistance, by cutting material is not easy to stick on the blade .The viscous and elastic material, frozen, such as food, rubber, etc., or inconvenience to add pressure to cutting the object, particularly effective. Ultrasonic cutting have a big advantage and is at the same time of cutting, the cutting part has the fusion effect. Sealing side effect, prevent was cut loose material organization. The purpose of the ultrasonic cutting machine also can be extended, such as digging hole, digging, scraper painting, sculpture, slitting machine, and so on.
Function and parameters 

Working power                                                   220V, 50HZ, 5A                                                 
Maximum rated power 500Watt
Matched transducer LK28-H38-Z4
Frequency tracking range 28KHz + 400Hz

Circular loom ultrasonic cutting equipment Model CSG-1000ACircular loom ultrasonic cutting equipment Model CSG-1000ACircular loom ultrasonic cutting equipment Model CSG-1000ACircular loom ultrasonic cutting equipment Model CSG-1000ACircular loom ultrasonic cutting equipment Model CSG-1000A


Squared range
All kinds of textile material can be cut by ultrasonic. Such as natural fiber, synthetic fiber, including aromatic poly phthalein amine fiber, carbon fiber and glass fiber woven fabric, non-woven fabrics and knitted fabrics can be cut by ultrasonic

No pollution
When Ultrasonic is cutting, the equipment only heated to a temperature of about 50 ºC, won’t produce smoke and smell, also ruled out cutting damage and danger of the fire.

High reliability
Ultrasonic generator work would produce electromagnetic vibration of 20 a 40 KHZ, and through the piezoelectric ceramic into mechanical oscillation. This vibration transmitted to ultrasonic cutting knife and cutting materials, and from its internal fever, mechanically divided the material again. In contrast to the hot cutting, ultrasonic using mainly instead of heat energy, mechanical energy of ultrasonic cutter wear small.

Cutting neatly squared
Cutting edge is very neat, the fabric warp and weft are not shift or out. 
Available in stenter and cylinder of fabric cutting machine with up to 10 m/min speed of cotton and viscose fabrics for clipping.
To cut the thermoplastic material, and fiber or fiber after entering ultrasonic workspace, the edge will fusion.

Working environment:
Indoor use, humidity: less than or equal to 85%RH; ambient temperature: 0 ~40 OC
The machine should have plenty of space, not less than 150mm, in order to heat dissipation.

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