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Our factory is always focusing on designing and manufacturing cutting and welding Ultrasonic equipment intended mainly for Geotextiles,technical textiles and FIBC/Jumbo bag/Hdpe Woven sac Industries.

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Ultrasonic Cutting Sealing Machine used on Circular Loom
Working power:220V-240V,50HZ-60HZ,5A
Max rating power:800 w
Matching transducer:LK28-H38-Z4
Frequency tracking range:28KHz±400Hz
Working condition
Indoor use,  humidity≤ 85% RH; ambient temperature: 0-40 ºC
There should be sufficient space around the machine, no less than 150 mm, to facilitate heat dissipation
Cutting value range of container bag: 45-300gsm


Ultrasonic Cutting Sealing Machine used on Circular Loom2
Ultrasonic Cutting Sealing Machine used on Circular Loom1


1. Good cutting effect, good smooth cutting edge and no rough selvedge (loose edge).
2. Cutting speed, reduce the staff’s working intensity, cost savings.
3. Simple operation, easy to install on machine.
4. Precise cutting force control.
5. Cooling system ensure it can work efficiently for a long time.



The ultrasonic welding head is made of special material, and the wear resistance is up to 65 ℃.
The automatic frequency tracking ultrasonic generator drives to ensure that the ultrasonic is in working state under any conditions.

Using high frequency and high power transducer and titanium alloy horn, the ultrasonic conversion efficiency is high and the output amplitude is strong.

The solid mechanism design ensures the welding accuracy and quality.

Ultrasonic delay time, welding time, curing time.



Ultrasonic Cutting Machine (cutter) is suitable for plastic woven rice bag fabric , PP jumbo bag,bulk sack,container bag,FIBC bag ,polypropylene woven bag fabric etc.

Ultrasonic Cutting Sealing Machine used on Circular Loom4

Our Service

1. Training of equipment maintenance and operating personally.
2.Installation and commissioning of equipment until everything is functional.
3. One year warranty and Providing long-term maintenance service and spare parts.
4. Giving technical support to customer for developing new product.
5. Engineers available to service machinery overseas.
6. Provide English Version of Installation/Operation/Service/Maintenance Manual.

Delivery Time 

Normally it has in stock , if you need in more quantity , you will wait for 5-7 workdays.


Small parts are packed in cartons and put in wooden cases.

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