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Ultrasonic spot welding can weld two pieces of plastic at points without pre-designing the welding line to achieve the purpose of welding.

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Ultrasonic welding machine for plastic remains one of the fastest techniques for welding smaller thermoplastic parts. In ultrasonic welding, one part is held stationary in a holding fixture while the other part is vibrated acoustically against it under pressure, creating frictional heat at their joining surfaces. 


Speed of welding: approximately 5 seconds, depending on the material and the required results.
The ultrasonic technology ensures strong and high-quality welding between the assembled parts without using additional materials.


1. ultrasonic generator + ultrasonic transducer+ horn.
ultrasonic welding machine for plastic
1.PP,ABS,AS,PS,nylon welding
2.high power and strong




1 - hand welder can be applied to a single point welding, screw implants , riveting .
2 - Portable design , save space , easy to operate.
3 - can be used independently , but also can be used with automatic peripheral equipment .
4 - There are lessons device models , especially for rhinestones / PC drill mount in haute couture processing .



Ultrasonic welding machine for plastic is widely used in auto industry, electron industry, medical treatment industry, office supply, packaging industry, and toy industry, etc. For example,




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