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The marine garbage press is mainly installed in the garbage room of the seagoing ship. It is used to compress the domestic garbage generated by the crew’s daily life and the industrial garbage generated by the ship’s maintenance. After compression and packaging, the volume is reduced. When the ship comes ashore, the packages are transferred to the shore. The compression ratio of this marine garbage packer is 1:3. The core advantage of the equipment is the separate compression vehicle independently developed by enpat. The garbage bag is sleeved inside the compression vehicle, which can be used to compress dry garbage and wet garbage.




Compress force 5 T
Compression cycle time 20S
Bale size 500×500 mm

Bale weight

60 Kg
Capacity 500 L
Dimensions (W x D x H) 700×650×1950
Weight (Incl. container) 800Kg
Motor voltage 220V / 380~440V / 480V / 690V, 3Ph, 50~60Hz
Motor power 2.2KW, Single phase
Material Painted carbon steel
Noise level <65dB



  1. Painted carbon steel.
  2. Wheeled compress cavity, easy to change and facilitating waste sorting.
  3. Combined compactor and baler.
  4. Powerful hydraulic drive for tighten press.
  5. Special plate to break hard waste.
  6. Directly compressed into bags for easy transportation (e.g. plastic bags).
  7. Easy installation and operation (plug & play).


It is mainly applicable to seagoing ships, container ships, bulk carriers, cruise ships, drilling platforms, airline garbage rooms, laboratories of pharmaceutical factories, etc. It is specially designed for kitchen waste, laboratory waste, cartons, waste paper, domestic waste, rags and gloves.



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