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The baling press machine for sale is designed with vertical structure, hydraulic transmission, electrical control and manual binding. And it is a good machine to improve labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity, save manpower, and reduce transportation cost.

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Baling machine  is widely used in packaging materials such as cotton, hemp, waste paper cartons, beverage cans, industrial scraps, and waste products, saving up to 80% of the stacking space, and reducing transportation costs.


Different machine models:

Model Force


Bale size


Bale weight (kg) Efficiency


Power (KW) M.weight (kg) Size (mm)
M10-6040 10 600*400 30-50 4-6 2.2 1000 900*650*2100
M20-8060 20 800*600 80-100 4-6 4 1100 1000*750*2750
M30-8060 30 800*600 100-130 4-6 5.5 1300 1000*750*2750
M30-11070 30 1100*700 130-150 4-6 5.5 1700 1350*850*3200
M40-11070 40 1100*700 180-200 4-6 7.5 1800 1350*850*3200
M40-12080 40 1200*780 200-240 4-6 7.5 2050 1600*1050*3300
M50-12080 50 1200*800 320-350 4-6 7.5 or 11 2600 1600*1050*3300
M60-12080 60 1200*800 380-420 4-6 r 11 or 15 2900 1600*1050*3300
M80-12080 80 1200*800 450-480 4-6 15 3300 1600*1050*3300
M100-12080 100 1200*800 500-550 4-6 15 3700 1600*1050*3300
M120-150100 120 1500*1000 650-700 4-6 15 or 18.5 4300 2100*1550*3300
M150-150100 150 1500*1000 850-900 4-6 18.5 5100 2100*1550*3300

Remark: Machine will be designed according to custome’s detail requirement, with us for choose

20t 40T 60 60T普通60



High quality thick steel plate, with Gas shielded welding sturdy frame, advanced mechanical design makes the equipment durable.

High quality thick beam frame, high-strength steel conveyor belt style.

Hydraulic pumps, solenoid valves and hydraulic cylinder seals and other key parts use imported components, making high packing pressure, low-speed block , durable and small noise.

Adopt siemens motor, original PLC programmable controller. Other buttons of paper compactor machine, sensors, infrared shooting, remote control systems and other key parts adopt imported components, realizing simple operation and easy maintenance.

Program control is automatically locked down five security. Alarm malfunction in the power supply phase, power procedural errors, pressure high, people mistakenly packaged mouth, all can automatically shutdown and alarm.




Bottle baler machine can press various of materials like the scrap/waste paper,plastic scraps,carton,cardboard, newspapers, magazines,waste plastics (PET bottle, plastic film), cotton yarn,waste cotton,used cloth,textile,towel,hemp,wool tops,wheat straw,alfalfa hay,abaca,grass,rice husk,peanut shell,metal cans &tins, waste tire,garbage.


Our Services

Pre-sales service:

1.We provide presales service in various forms, making investment budge, manufacturing, planning, so that customers can make a reasonable plan with less cost.

2.We will fist check customer’s goods and goods size, then we will recommend suitable wrapping machine to 100% suitable.

3.We will recommend and offer machine according to customer’s use and purchase budget.

In-sale service:

1.We will supply each manufacturing step photo for customer checking on time.

2.We will prepare packing and shipment according to customer’s needing in advance.

3.Testing the machine and making video for customer’s checking.

After-sale service:

1.We will guarantee the machine quality for 2 years.

2.We provide free training and answer customer’s question on technology in time.

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