Automatic Ton Bag IBC Liner Bag Making Machine

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Automatic Ton Bag IBC Liner Bag Making Machine is applied for Pure PE, Alu foil and all the other hot sealing material, and it can reach perfect sealing effect.

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Our Automatic Ton Bag IBC Liner Bag Making Machine  can mainly produce IBC liner, and the materials can be PE film, aluminum film, and composite film. Advanced heat sealing technology can provide good sealing effects and provide an economical solution for your packaging and transportation.

IBC LINERS are mainly used with various types of ton boxes. Currently, the most widely used in the food industry is syrup packaging, which is required by major beverage factories.
to fructose syrup; in recent years, in order to alleviate increasingly severe environmental problems, the chemical industry has gradually expanded the scope of use, such as lubricants, coatings, etc.


Production Capacity  5-15pc/min
Film Roll Qty 8PCS 
Max Roll Dia 1000mm
Max Film Width 2520mm
Max Bag Width 2500mm
Max Bag Length 1600mm
Bag-Making Precision ≤+/-2mm
Power 15kw
Overall Dimension 44000*6000*4000mm


1.Intelligent controlling system, you may know the production situation at any place.
2.Save power 50% than common type
3.Suitable for all the hot sealing material,high-strength pure PE, PA co-extruded film, composite film, PLA, PBAT degradation film), breaking through the limitations of PE film, co-extruded film, new materials PLA, PBAT materials that cannot be made into bags.

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