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This is automatic high speed air dunnage bag making machine ,Suitable for all the hot sealing material,such as LDPE, PA co- extrusion film, Composite film, Degradable film etc.

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   This is Air Dunnage bag making machine suitable for Pure PE,Plastic transparent and all the other hot sealing material!It adopts European hot sealing technology to reach a perfect sealing effect!


Vacuum compression storage bag making machine CSJ-1100
Air Inflatable Dunnage Liner Bag


1.Machine function: four-side sealed valve-added air dunnage inner bag making 
2.Suitable materials: PA Co-extrusion Film, PE film.
3.Maximum Speed of bag making: Mechanical speed:20PCS/Min (depending on bag length and style) 4.The highest material feeding speed: ≤23M/Min (depending on the length and style of the bag) 5.Bag Size: Length: 1200mm N=1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 (Multiple delivery) Width: 1600mm
6.The largest size of the Roll: ¢1000X1600 (diameter * width)

Vacuum compression storage bag making machine CSJ-1100
Air Inflatable Dunnage Liner Bag

Specification of Air Inflatable Dunnage Liner Bag Making Machine

1 The way of bag making Four Side Sealing And Valve Insert
2 Max Film Width and Diameter Film Width max=1200mm

Film Diameter max=600m

Bag Width max=1200mm

3 Max Bag Length and bag Speed 500-1200mm 15pcs/min
1200-2400mm 8pcs/min
2400-3200mm 5pcs/min
4 Max Bag Width 600-1200mm
5 Bag making Speed 10-15 cut/min
6 Material Feeding Speed 15m/min( change depended on bag length)
7 Traction Traction For the Beginning is controlled By 2KW Servo, Middle Traction by 2KW Servo, Last Traction By 2KW Servo.
8 Winding Motor Taiwan Reducing motor 750W
9 Feeding Inverter 750W Taian Brand
10 Feeding With Edge Correction Part Ultrasonic edge correction
11 Feeding part With 2sets of constant tension system, Two pcs of rotary encoders, 2pcs of Powder.
12 Valve Sending Device Depended on the actual sample bag

(with one set of Vibration plate)

13 Temp Control Computer Control
14 Horizontal Heating(Sealing) 2sets, length of 1400mm, down blade cooling
15 Vertical Heating(Sealing) 2sets, length of 1300mm, down blade cooling
16 Machine color Milk white and stainless steel cover
17 Valve Welding Heated 1set ( valve size depended on sample)

Need 400pcs of the big valve and 400pcs of Small Valve for us to make the valve Installation on the machine.

18 Unwinding Tension two sets of automatic constant tension, two rotary encoders, two powder, two air shaft.
19 Electric parts control Panasonic PLC control , with touch screen
20 Temp Control PC(±2℃)
21 Total Powder 25kw
22 Voltage 3phase 380v 50hz
23 Machine Dimension L14600mmX W2400mmXH1750mm
24 Weight: About 5800kg


Dunnage Liner Bag

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