Vacuum seal space saver bag making machine

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Vacuum seal space saver bag making machine is widely used to produce vacuum storage bag for household, tourism, shopping and business trip to save space and deposit more clothing, quilt and others.

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Vacuum seal space saver bag making machine

The working principle of vacuum sealer space bag is to take away the air inside the quilt clothing, so that the volume is reduced, and the original quilt and other items are flattened by atmospheric pressure to isolate the outside air to save space,to achieve the effect of resistance of dust, mildew, moisture.

Machine deails for Vacuum seal space saver bag making machine

No Name Parameter
1 Processing scope Composite film
2 Original film width 800mm
3 Original film diameter 1100mm
4 Bag width 400-1000mm
5 Feeding speed 16meter/min
6 Unwinding motor frequency converter 2 set 750w
7 Beading machine  2 set
8 Voltage 380v50Hz
9 Total power 25KW
10 Machine dimension 17.5X2.5X1.6 meter
11 Total weight 9000kg


Vacuum Compression Storage Bag Making Machine
Vacuum compression bag
Adding Vacuum valve

Vacuum compression storage bag size ranges

Raw material: PA +PE or PET +PE (The good quality is PA +PE. 

Specification of vacuum seal storage bag

Small (45*70cm, 40*60cm, 50*70cm) : for 6-8 sweater, down jackets, cotton coats etc.

Medium(70*90cm, 56*80cm,65*95cm,60*80cm):for 10-15 pc of clothing or pillow, thin quilts etc.

Large size (70*100mm,80*100mm):for 1.8*2m quilt (approx 6-8kg) or a dozen pcs of sweater or down jacket.

Extra large(90*110cm,100*110cm,90*130cm): for two 1.5*2m quilts or a thick quilt(8-10kg).

Hanging type :hanged in the closet after storage.

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