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This machine has the functions of sealing bottom, cutting bottom, sealing edge, bottle spout sealing and bottlespout cutting. It solves the trouble of manual production of fibc jumbo bag.The machine is accurate, the efficiency of one machine can replace the workload of 10 workers at least.

  • FOB Price: US $0.5 - 9,999 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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    The bottle neck inner bag forming machine adopts PLC system, and the spindle motor is driven by the world's advanced AC servo control technology, which has the characteristics of large torque, high efficiency, stable speed and low noise. The design of operation panel is diversified, which can meet the requirements of different customers; the system adopts Chinese structural design, which is convenient for installation and maintenance.


    FIBC PE Film Auto Bottle Shape Liner Sealing Cutting Machine
    FIBC PE Film Auto Bottle Shape Liner Sealing Cutting Machine 1
    1 PE bag(M)width(mm) 1200 (Max)
    2 Inner bag length(mm) 2500-3000mm
    3 Cutting precision(mm) ±10mm
    4 production capacity(pc/h) 60-120
    5 temperature controller 0-350℃
    6 Total power 36Kw
    7 Voltage 380V(50HZ),3ph
    8 compressed air 10Kg/cm2
    9 Installation dimensions(mm) 2200*2100(Including electrical cabinet3100)*1800
    10 Machine weight(kg) 3000kg
    11 Applicable materials LDPE,HDPE,NYLON coextrusion film
    FIBC PE Film Auto Bottle Shape Liner Sealing Cutting Machine02
    FIBC PE Film Auto Bottle Shape Liner Sealing Cutting Machine0
    FIBC PE Film Auto Bottle Shape Liner Sealing Cutting Machine01


    To protect materials inside the big bag from any environmental reasons for stopping materials to dust outside of big bag ,liner should be placed inside. Our bottle shape liner sealing machine is designed to form the liner with sealing and cutting operations, suitable for four loops big bag’s body, filling spout and discharge spout.

    FIBC PE Film Auto Bottle Shape Liner Sealing Cutting Machine04
    FIBC PE Film Auto Bottle Shape Liner Sealing Cutting Machine05
    FIBC PE Film Auto Bottle Shape Liner Sealing Cutting Machine03

    Working environment

    Please do not use this control device in the following environment:
    1. Where the voltage variation will exceed ± 10% of the freeze frame voltage.
    2. The power supply capacity cannot be guaranteed in the place with specified capacity.
    3. The room temperature is below 0 ℃ or above 35 ℃.
    4. Outdoor or the place where sunlight will directly shine.
    5. A place next to a heater (electric heater).
    6. Places with relative humidity below 45% or more than 85% and places with dew.
    7. Corrosive or dusty places.
    8. Places prone to gas explosion or oil explosion.
    9. If the place where the bottle neck bag forming machine is placed is prone to excessive vibration, place the control box in another place.


    1. Control box:
    Please follow the instructions to install it correctly. Before the control box is connected to the power supply, please check whether the voltage of the power supply to be connected is the same as the voltage marked on the control box, and the power supply can only be supplied after confirming the position. If there is a power transformer, the same to check before power supply. At this time, the button type power switch on the bottle neck inner bag forming machine must be placed on [off].

    2. Power cord:
    Please do not press the power cord with gravity or twist it excessively. Please do not put the power cord close to the rotating part, at least 25 mm away.

    3. Grounding:
    In order to prevent electric shock caused by noise interference and electric leakage, the grounding wire on the power line must be grounded properly. If you want to connect the electrical accessory device, please follow the position indicated.

    4. Disassembly and disassembly:
    To remove the control box, you must first turn off the power and unplug the power plug. When unplugging the power plug, do not just pull the power cord, you must hold the power plug by hand and pull it out. There is dangerous high voltage in the control box, so to open the control box cover, you need to turn off the power and wait for more than 5 minutes before opening the control box cover.

    Maintenance, inspection and repair.
    The repair and maintenance work should be carried out by trained technicians.
    Please turn off the power when changing the cutter and die cutter.
    Please use genuine parts.

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