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Bulk container liner, which is also called dry bulk liner, liner bag, container liner, is widely used for 20ft and 40ft container, suitable for bulk free-flowing granules and powders producets.

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Container liners can transform your 20 or 40 foot container into an efficient transport system for bulk goods within ten minutes. With container liners , every ISO standard container can be used. For example, our customers use it for the following products: chemicals, petrochemicals, minerals, agricultural products, seeds and food products. Because the polypropylene fabric is attached to the inside of the container, the product does not touch the container itself. It creates an extra inner wall that protects the product and prevents any contamination.



Raw Material PE/PP
Color White
Loading&discharge applications 1.Top hatch loading by filling spouts loading through the door (by a conveyor belt or filling pipe) 
2.Discharge by spouts 
3.Discharge by letterbox system
 Loading&discharging design  Spouts,zipper opening based on customer’s loading & discharging way
Accessories Straps design, the straps’ position for steel bars according to customer’s demand
Dimension 20ft,30ft,40ft
Usage Transport and packaging chemicals, petrochemicals, minerals, agricultural products, seeds and food products etc..
Packing Carton&Pallet
Payment T/T 
Delivery time 20-30 days
Remark Options are available for custom-made container liner bag:
1.Single or multiple layers 
2.Top or bottom loading options
3.Additional anti-oxidation protection
4.Heating pad systems for hight-viscosity products
5.Air venting system


Advantages of Container liner bag

  1. Comparison of commonly used ton bags, container liner bag increase the loading capacity and reduce the packaging costs.
  2. Simple and time-saving loading and unloading operations, a lot of reduced working hours and labor costs.
  3. Completely sealed, transported directly from the factory to the customer’s warehouse, can effectively avoid pollution.
  4. Because PE film, PP cloth characteristics, so the container will not pollution, reduce the clean-up operation.
  5. Widely used in powder and granular products, suitable for shipping, land transport, train transport and so on.



Application of Container liner bag

Non-hazardous free-flowing products Granular or powder bulk cargo
Cocoa powder Aluminium powder
Flour Fertilizer
Milk powder Baking soda
Salt Zinc powder
Starch Cleaner
Sugar Titanium dioxide powder
Livestock feed Mixed grain feed

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