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Single piece 2, 3, 4 and 5 color printing. Applying Mitsubishi PLC for combination control of photo and magnetic location device, pneumatic automatic (manual) imprinting on-off device, automatic counting device and setting counting alarm device. Frequency speed adjusting.

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Brief introduction 

It is wide used for printing packing bag of chemicals, chemicals fertilizer, grain, feedstuff, cement, etc. 

The control part of this machine adapts photoelectricity control, electromagnetic regulating, automatic imprinting on-off device, electronic automatic numerating. The power adapts stepless speed control in order to reach stable operation and wide speed control range. The machine is compact, easy to adjust and operate and maintain.

3 5



1.Advanced (plc)controller, Optomagnetic position locate & Pneumatic presser automatic clutch
2.Automatic Counting Linkage Work,1000-3500pcs/H
3.Adopt frequency controller ,more steady&power saving.
4.Advanced anilox roller ,automatic ink pump printing ink circulating system. Make Ink More Uniform &Plump
5.Plate print 360°designing,make printer more accurate.


Detail parameter

Model  CSJ-1 CSJ-2  CSJ-3  CSJ-4 CSJ-5
Printing color 1 color 2 color 3 color 4 color 5 color
Machine Weight 600kg 800kg 1100kg 1500kg 1800kg
Machine Size 0.9*1.4*1.2m 1.4*1.4*1.2m 1.95*1.4*1.2m 2.5*1.4*1.2m 3.3*1.4*1.2m
Machine Power 0.75kw 1.1kw 1.5kw 2.2kw 3kw
Machine Voltage 380v/220v
Printing speed  1500-3500 pcs/h
Max printing length 1.2m
Max printing width 0.7m
Max entrance size  0.85m


We have different models for different colors.You can choose from 1 color – 6 colors.

Operation process

PP woven bag printing machine is a kind of printing machine, which is used to print words and images on woven bags. It is used for printing words and patterns indicated by various woven bag materials. Its working cycle is: feeding → positioning → plate dropping → descending to the ink plate, ascending to the ink plate → scraping stroke → ascending to the ink plate → descending to the ink plate → plate lifting → ink returning stroke → releasing positioning → receiving. In the continuous cycle action, as long as the function can be realized, the time occupied by each action should be as short as possible, so as to shorten the synchronization of each work cycle and improve the work efficiency.


Our Services

(1)We can design the Factory supplier multi color non woven bag printer pp sack bag printing machine as per your requirement.

(2)The exactly Factory supplier multi color non woven bag printer pp sack bag printing machine will be recommended to you once we get your requirement

(3) Shipment can be arranged from our port to your destination port.

(4) Operation video of the Factory supplier multi color non woven bag printer pp sack bag printing machine can be sent to you if needed.

(5) User-friendly English manual for machine installation using and maintenance.

(6) 12 months warranty for whole machine without man-made faults.

(7) We will send you parts for free if there are any non-human factors faults during warranty time.

(8) Supply 24-hours technical assistance by email, telephone or other communication online.

(9)Engineers are available to your country if necessary.

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