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 Weed Blocker Blanket Grass proof fabric black can reduce the use of pesticides, increase product prices when applied to crops, and protect family health when applied in yards. In addition, it can also reduce labor costs and have a thermal insulation effect on plants.

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The Weed Blocker Blanket Grass proof fabric black is made of advanced ultra-thick polypropylene materials and the latest heavy-duty weaving technology. The weed blocker fabric does not contain harmful chemicals and has a high density, which will not harm your garden plants and the environment. It can effectively protect the garden ecosystem and make your plants grow safely and healthily.

We provide landscape fabric of different sizes. It’s suitable for landscaping or outdoor garden projects. For example, narrow weed barriers can be used for flower beds or greenhouses, and wide weed barriers can be used for artificial botanical gardens, ground cover, vegetables, gravel walkways, flower beds, and so on.


100% Polypropylene
Black, Black-green, Black-yellow,White,Green,Orange etc
0.4 M-5.25 M
As per customer’s requirements
In roll or in bag
Weaving condition
Circular loom
Control weed growth, breathable and water-permeable, soil and fertilizer conservation, heat preservation and moisturizing
Suitable for various orchards, gardening flowers, seedling nurseries, organic Dapeng, etc.
Delivery Time
The first container within 30 days after order confirmation,
the later as per customer’s requirements


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This garden fabric weed barrier can maintain soil moisture effectively, increase soil temperature, and promote root development to improve the quality and yield of plants. Keep the sun out while the air is circulating. Ground cover weed barrier can be used under organic mulch to improve weed control.

This heavy-duty landscape fabric is made of high-strength pp material which is durable, sturdy, and corrosion-resistant, the service life of weed fabric can reach more than 5 years. At the same time, we use high-density double knitting to make the landscaping fabric stronger, so that we can provide a long-time weed protection for your garden.

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