News - How to Select the Suitable Big Bag Cleaning Machine ?

Our FIBC bag cleaning machine provides an ideal cleaning solution for fibc (iumbo bags) used for food and pharmaceutical applications. using pre-filtered air, the automated cleaning process of this machine ensures efficient removal of all loose contaminants during the cutting and sewing operations.

The machine comes equipped with advanced features such as a technical eye with two cameras and LED lights for internal bag inspection and targeted cleaning.

The jumbo bag cleaning machine is controlled by a microprocessor for efficient operation and has automatic adjustments and waste acquisition. The cleaning process is two-way, and the design includes a static discharge installment for a smooth processing experience.

If you’re looking for FIBC bulk bags to purchase, it’s very important to find the ones that suit your business needs. Different types of flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC) have obvious advantages, particularly in industries such as agriculture, chemical manufacturing, construction, and food and beverage production.

Today we will teach you how to learn about various types of bulk bags and identify the ones that could be most suitable for your requirements.



When selecting FIBCs, it’s vital to choose ton bags that are suitable for your product’s weight and dimensions, as well as the methods you will use to handle them. For example, if you stack your FIBCs on pallets, you must choose bags that fit closely onto the pallets, without hanging over the edges or leaving too much-unused space.

If you plan to ship heavy items, it’s important to choose bulk bags that can handle extreme weights without tearing or breaking. Properly sizing your bags will help reduce product waste, increase your profits, and prevent potential injuries resulting from improperly sized or overstuffed bags.

Once you have this FIBC bulk bag specification, you can work with a professional big bag supplier to confirm the suitable dimensions that provide the required capacity while fitting securely and neatly on your pallets, allowing you to save valuable space.



Material Types

FIBC jumbo bags are sorted as a standard system that uses letters of the alphabet to indicate the bags’ physical properties and protection against sparks and electrostatic shocks. The categorization system is important as it helps ensure employee safety by minimizing the risk of fires, explosions, and electric shocks.

There are four main types of FIBC bulk bags: Type A, Type B, Type C, and Type D.

Type A big bags are the most common and are made from woven polypropylene, calcium carbonate, and a UV additive for outdoor protection. However, they cannot store combustible products.

Type B ton bags are analogic to Type A, but they have an accessionalhin coating that protects against sparks.

Type C bulk bags inclusive carbon filaments that offer protection from flammable powders, but they are short of antistatic protection. For safety reasons, these bags require grounding when being moved or filled.

Type D jumbo bags including antistatic materials and are suited  for use with flammable powders. They protect against electrostatic shocks without requiring grounding.

to ensure employee safety while shipping hazardous or electrostatically-charged products.



Duffle top FIBC bags:

Closable fabric tops wrap around the overhead filling spout to prevent spills

Flexible fabric can be wrapped in different ways to provide speed and security options

Applied for reducing product loss during storage and shipping.

Spout top bulk bags:

More rigid spouts sewn into the top of each FIBC

Great stability during filling, best for use with certain types of fixed machinery

Also, minimize messes and reduce product loss during storage and shipping.

Open top big bags:

Standard cube-shaped bags with an open upper area for easy manual product loading

Ideal for irregularly shaped objects that do not fit in the big bag

Maximum air flow for perishable agricultural products, some come with ventilated strips

Baffled bulk bags:

Stiff panels are sewn into each side to hold a consistent, sturdy square shape

Less volume than the open top, duffle top or spout top bags

Suitable for stacking bulk bags and maximizing storage space



Our FIBC cleaning machine is equipped with a robotic arm, which is fixed at the air outlet to quickly tap the ton bag. This way, the threads and residues inside the big bag will be cleaned up. We specially equip the machine with a pull-out drawer, which can easily clean the threads and residues knocked down inside the FIBC bag.

Bulk Bags undergo inspections for defects and discharge issues and are cleaned to minimal residue standards.

Discharge spouts are secured, and bags are compressed into bales to reduce shipping expenses and save storage space.

Quality assurance is crucial for bags used in food processing and agriculture to ensure safety.



Post time: 3月-12-2024