News - How to get benefits from FIBC fabric cutting machine for manufacturer?

The FIBC fabric cutting machine is essential to the fabric big bag manufacturing process. The bulk bags are great for handling cargo, and this machine helps efficiently manufacture those bags.


It is absolutely useful functions for fibc bag factories to choose :

We can supply accurate cut machine

The FIBC cutting machine can give you the no loose edge precise cut. The cutting by this machine is uniform and hardly has any errors. The accurate cut mini fabric wastage and ensures overall product perfection.

We can provide high efficient machine   

Jumbo bag fabric cutting machine is efficient and is known to produce a large number of pieces in a specific period. The efficiency might vary slightly depending on the machine type, It is good to choose the suitable model that you need.

 We can give reduce work intensity machine

The machine with great features and auto controls reduces manpower requirements considerably. Along with increased speed, the workload is also reduced.

Features of a good FIBC cutting machine

Here are some of the best advantages of the FIBC cutting machine that can be put into great use, including:

Vibration-free work

Vibration when the machine functions can lead to unpredictable wear, which can be difficult to manage. The friction causes increased scraping of workpieces, making them less reliant. Not to mention, the vibration causes additional energy consumption, which reduces the machine’s efficiency and increases energy wastage. So, if the fabric-cutting machine has a vibration-free working feature, it will be more efficient and will save money.

High speed

The speed of the cutting machine determines the output of a machine. An ideal machine should have great speed without hampering precision. High-speed machines with precision can cut sufficient material with each rotational pass perfectly. This will ensure that the product requirements of the manufacturer are met.

Operator friendly

The cutting process involved in FIBC bag manufacturing can be prone to a lot of manual errors. But good automated machines have a microprocessor installed that eliminates manual error and works towards precision and efficiency. The automated machines are operator friendly, which helps the whole functioning complete with mere clicks once the data is saved. All the cutting-order information can be saved in the form of data in the microprocessor, and the operator just has to monitor it.

Touch panel

The touch panel of an FIBC fabric-cutting machine will help you control the functioning easily. The display attached to the touch panel displays the details like running speed, speed buffer, etc., which can be easy to operate. At the same time, our touch screen can operate in four languages: Chinese, English, Russian and Spanish. We can meet customers’ requirements for rational changes in machines.

Automatic Deviation correction

The deviation correction feature automatically corrects the cloth position in case of deviation from the order. The cutting order is instructed in the machine through the control panel, and the machine corrects in case of a deviation from the set standards. This helps in maintaining uniformity without much manpower requirement.

Marking dotting and cross-cutting

The marking  dotting function allows distinguishing the fabric at different points to seamlessly cut the fabric without interruptions. Marking  dotting also ensures perfection by maintaining uniformity. We can supply hot and cold cutting for different customers .

The cross-cutting function allows cutting without manually removing the fabric from the machine or changing its position.

Options for special customer’s demanding types

These features enable the machine to adjust the length and height according to the client’s requirements. Now our normal type is max width 1350mm, 2200mm and 2400mm .If you need more wider and longer , it is no problem to provide .The bulk bag suppliers can easily make custom adjustments to the lengths and heights of the bag with the central control system using this feature.

VYT MACHINERY is known for providing quality machines for manufacturers. Our FIBC fabric-cutting machines are efficient and equipped with different features.We are very much looking forward to your support and inquiry !




Post time: 3月-07-2024