The existing technology of container bag FIBC cutting machine has the following problems


FIBC cutting machine is also known as flexible container bag, ton bag, space bag, etc. container bag is full of flexible container bag, also known as large bag and ton packaging bag. It is a kind of soft and flexible packaging container, and it is a large volume transport bag made of foldable adhesive tape, resin processing cloth and other soft materials. It is usually made of polypropylene or polyethylene by extrusion, cutting, drawing, weaving, cutting and sewing. This kind of packing is not only beneficial to the improvement of loading and unloading efficiency, but also suitable for the packaging of bulk powder and granular goods. It can promote the standardization and serialization of bulk cargo packaging, reduce the transportation cost, and has the advantages of convenient packaging, storage and low cost. It is especially suitable for mechanized operation. It is an ideal choice for storage, packaging and transportation. It can be widely used in the road, railway and sea transportation of bulk materials such as cement, fertilizer, salt, sugar, chemical raw materials, ores and other bulk materials. Therefore, in recent years, container bags are widely used to transport powder and granular goods in the world. The appearance and application of containerized bags is a qualitative revolution in the way of loading and unloading powder and granular goods.

The existing technology has the following problems: when the existing cloth cutting equipment for container bag processing is applied, there is a problem that the bag cloth of the container bag cutting machine is not fixed firmly when cutting, resulting in the quality problem of shearing, and at the same time, the conveying bag cloth may be relaxed during shearing, resulting in the increase of size and the decrease of quality.

The utility model provides a FIBC fabric cutting equipment for container bag processing, which has the characteristics of simple structure, firm determination and convenient tension.

In order to achieve the above purpose, the utility model provides the following technical scheme: a cloth cutting equipment for container bag processing, which comprises a tensioning roller, a processing table and a fixed component. The upper end of the processing table is fixed with a mounting frame, the upper end of the mounting frame is provided with a tensioning roller on both sides, the middle of the mounting frame is fixed with a telescopic cylinder, and the lower end of the piston rod of the telescopic cylinder is fixed with a cutting The lower end of the processing table is provided with a driving motor, the middle of the upper end of the processing table is provided with a fixed component, and the two sides of the fixed component are fixed with a conveying roller.

Post time: Dec-16-2020