How to use ultrasonic welding machine?

Usage of portable ultrasonic spot welding machine and handheld ultrasonic welding machine:

Ultrasonic spot welding: use the small welding head of the ultrasonic machine to divide the two plastic products into multi-point welding, or press the whole row of toothed welding heads directly on the two plastic workpieces to realize the influence of ultrasonic spot welding.


Ultrasonic molding: the plastic workpiece is instantly melted and formed by the ultrasonic machine. When the plastic solidifies, the plastic made of metal or other materials can be firmly fixed.

Ultrasonic spot welding machine

Ultrasonic welding: ultrasonic vibration transmits ultrasonic energy and ultrasonic welding die to the plastic surface for welding, so as to produce local high temperature and melt the plastic surface. In the ultrasonic welding machine, two pieces of plastic can be welded under 70% pressure, beautiful and firm.

Ultrasonic plastic welding machine

Ultrasonic implantation: put nuts, screws or other metals into plastic workpieces. Ultrasonic energy is transmitted to metal through ultrasonic machines. After high-speed vibration and heating, metal objects are directly embedded in plastic under the pressure of ultrasonic machine.

Ultrasonic plastic spot welder

Ultrasonic riveting: metal and plastic or two pieces of plastic with different properties are connected together. The ultrasonic riveting method can make the welded parts not easy to embrittlement, beautiful and firm.

Ultrasonic riveting machine

Ultrasonic ablation: the special design method of ultrasonic welding die and base tool is adopted. The ultrasonic ablation effect of cloth or plastic can be achieved through ultrasonic transmission.


Principle of ultrasonic plastic welding machine: the ultrasonic generator converts 50 / 60 Hz current into 15, 20 and 35 kHz electric energy. The converted high-frequency electric energy is converted into mechanical motion of the same frequency through the ultrasonic transducer for the second time, and then transmitted to the ultrasonic welding joint through a set of amplitude modulation device that can change the amplitude. The welding joint will receive ultrasonic vibration energy, which is transferred to the joint of the workpiece to be welded. The ultrasonic vibration energy in this area is converted into heat energy through friction, so as to melt the plastic. The welding time and welding joint pressure of the ultrasonic plastic welding machine are adjustable, and the amplitude is determined by the sensor and horn.


Application cases of portable ultrasonic spot welding machine and handheld ultrasonic welding machine



For example, welding of disposable welded blood transfusion filter and plasma separation cup, self sealing bag, plastic wine bottle cover, dishwasher water wheel, plastic toys, lamps, plastic false bait, charger shell and mobile phone sling, fire truck shell, etc. For example, door welding, automobile instrument welding, lamp mirror welding, sun visor welding, interior decoration welding, filter welding, reflective material welding, reflective nail welding, bumper welding, cable welding, motorcycle plastic filter welding, radiator welding, brake fluid tank welding, oil cup welding, water tank welding, oil tank ultrasonic welding, pipeline ultrasonic welding Tail gas purifier ultrasonic welding, tray filter plate ultrasonic welding, water welding, instrument ultrasonic welding, communication equipment welding, cordless electric welding, mobile phone accessories welding, mobile phone shell welding, battery shell, charger welding, U disk welding, SD card welding, CF card, USB connector welding, Bluetooth welding, folder welding, photo album welding and folding box welding. Carry out polypropylene hollow plate welding, pencil case welding, ink cartridge welding, selenium drum welding, watch welding, kitchenware welding, oral liquid bottle cap welding, dropping bottle cap welding, mobile phone accessories welding, gold soft brush welding, daily necessities welding, sanitary supplies welding, children’s supplies welding, air cushion welding, coat hanger welding, handle welding, gardening supplies welding, kitchenware welding, shower welding shower

Head welding, anti-counterfeiting bottle cap welding, cosmetic bottle cap welding, coffee pot welding, washing machine welding, air dehumidifier welding, electric iron welding, electric kettle welding, vacuum cleaner welding, loudspeaker. Metal surface covering welding, civil grid welding, etc.


Portable ultrasonic spot welding machine and handheld ultrasonic welding machine are widely used in aviation, shipping, automobile, electrical appliances, packaging, toys, electronics, medical equipment, packaging, auto parts, fishing gear, textile and other industries.


Post time: Dec-16-2021