What are the benefits of FIBC baffle bags?

The FIBC baffle bag is a special bag in the jumbo ton bag. It is to sew four baffle sheets at the four corners of the inner side of the ton bag. Swell and become cylindrical. It has a good effect on the plasticity of the bag body. Inner lacing bags are generally used in situations where there are color requirements for the shipping volume. After FIBC baffle bags are used, the shape of the bag remains square. It can be placed regularly during storage or transportation, avoiding large space waste, and the overall placement effect is more beautiful.

The tensile load of the ton bag flat yarn refers to the load or tension that the flat yarn bears when the flat yarn is stretched, and the tensile force when the flat yarn is broken is called the maximum tensile load or breaking force. The breaking force of the stretched ton bag flat wire refers to the force used to break the flat wire. The force without breaking the flat wire can only be called the tensile force or tensile load. The relative tensile load of the stretched ton bag flat yarn refers to the load or force that the flat yarn of unit linear density bears when the flat yarn is stretched. When Lass flat wire, the breaking force per unit linear density is called the maximum relative tensile load or relative breaking force.



Post time: Dec-23-2020