Advantages of FIBC fabric cutting machine

FIBC fabric cutting machine has many advantages ,such as high speed cutting, automatic turning cloth, automatic stacking cloth, no need for manual cloth, saving labor, greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers and many other advantages. The unique hollow cloth cutting technology makes the cut not stick and less slag. 

FIBC fabric cutting machine has various functions, such as marking, cross cutting, circle drawing, circle cutting, deviation correction, edge folding, lengthening, heightening, etc.

FIBC fabric cutting machine can cut and code cloth automatically without manual connection, which greatly reduces labor cost and labor intensity.



Cutting speed 800-1500mm   10-12 tablets / min; 1600-5000mm   6-8 tablets / min.

The hem width can be adjusted from 2 to 10 mm.

The cutting edge and crosscut are 200-500mm, and the crosscut adopts the structure of heating tube tool holder. The size adjustment only needs to add a blade, and there is no need to replace the tool holder removal circuit, which is convenient, fast, labor-saving and time-saving!

The equipment is equipped with a marking device, and the sewing position of the hanging girdle is marked at the same time when cutting cloth, which makes the sewing efficiency and position more accurate.

The cross cutting knife is heated by heating tube, and the outside of the knife is insulated, which greatly reduces heat loss and makes the power smaller and more energy-saving. The unique hollow cloth cutting technology has less slag and no adhesion; The cutting depth is adjustable, and the service life of the cutting tool is longer.

The lever principle of automatic cloth roll, more convenient operation, longer cylinder life.



Post time: Dec-23-2020