Maintenance Abount Circular Loom


Our factory’s round looms reduce the machine’s counterweight, so as to reduce the power, but this will reduce the quality of the machine’s parts, which is prone to failure, so it is not cost-effective. Improve the technology, reduce the friction of the machine, so as to reduce the power. This will not harm the machine, but also reduce the power, so that the production cost can be really reduced. Why do you want to achieve the goal of energy saving of the round loom? First, will the machine stop frequently? Frequent stop will reduce the production efficiency and thus increase the cost. Second, the energy saving of the machine. As we all know, woven bags rely on a certain amount. Therefore, the operation time of the machine will be relatively long. Only by saving energy can we reduce the power and thus reduce the cost.


Tips on maintenance of circular looms. Main speed detection sensor: during the normal operation of the machine, if the lifting frequency conversion frequency has a large jump range, it may be that the sensor fails to detect the rotation of the host due to vibration. At this time, it is necessary to adjust the position of the sensor so that the head of the sensor is aligned with the tooth plate, and then observe the lifting frequency conversion frequency. If it jumps within a small range, it is OK. After multiple adjustments, the effect is still not achieved. Replace the sensor. Lifting detection sensor: if the human-computer interface cannot accurately record the output, check whether the wiring is correct. If the wiring is correct, adjust the sensor position, run the machine, and observe whether the indicator light flashes. If not, consider replacing the sensor Zhejiang take-up round loom price.



Post time: Apr-06-2022