Operation method of FIBC ton bag sewing machine

The FIBC ton bag sewing machine adopts a special feeding mechanism and cross presser foot lifting mechanism. In addition to having various properties of general industrial sewing machines, its major feature is that it can sew and imperceptibly influence medium and thick materials such as various container cloth and sling. In the sewing process, the consistency of loading and unloading can be maintained between loading and unloading. During high-low overlapping sewing and climbing sewing, It can realize the consistency of loading and unloading, stable needle spacing, smooth and beautiful stitches, stable performance of sewing thick and thin materials, labor-saving operation and other characteristics. At the same time, it can also be adjusted according to the special requirements of bagging process. The operation of forward sewing, reverse sewing and horizontal sewing is simple and free, and can be equipped with dustproof strips to pack products.

FIBC Ton bag sewing machine adopts single needle and pendulum hook thread, up and down composite feeding, foot back sewing, foot pressure and foot lifting device, which is simple to operate. A clue that forms two lines.

The upper and lower composite feeding and cross presser foot lifting mechanism are used to ensure the smoothness of sewing under any length of needle pitch within the rated range. When bonding sewing materials and special products, the upper and lower parts do not move, so as to make the products neat and beautiful stitches; The connecting rod thread take-up mechanism increases the speed of the main shaft; High quality steel and high-precision processing technology can effectively reduce noise and prolong service life.




Post time: Jan-04-2022